What is The Moon Through My Window?

      Have you ever tried to use music in the classroom as a teaching resource? As a musician, I did this many times during my experience with teaching English as a Second Language. I have always felt that music has a unique way of allowing students to learn vocabulary, memorize and retain it for longer, and then in turn help with their overall pronunciation levels while speaking. Furthermore, when students are exposed to different genres of music, I feel it opens a gateway into understanding different cultures, and as a result, broadens their horizens by broadening their dreams.

      While famous songs are nice to use, it is difficult to find any that include vocabulary the students are learning now. This is what made the lightbulb go off in my head: Why don't I write some original songs and include vocabulary ESL students are learning at beginning and intermediate levels?!? This way, when using lyric sheets as part of an activity, students will be reviewing vocabulary they have just learned.

       It has been a pleasure to focus on writing these educational songs. My goal has been to write them with a simplicity that students can really make use of in the classroom, but also with lyrics native English speakers can enjoy. If an unknowingly native English speaker does not notice a song is meant to be a teaching resource, I will feel I've done my job well.

       The CD is enhanced, so when inserted into a CD player it plays the audio like a normal CD, but when inserted into a computer a window automatically opens with the lyric sheets and vocabulary lists available in PDF form. A teacher can print off the lyric sheets and vocabulary lists, and then make copies to use in class. Or, students can print them off on their home printer and do the activity themselves :-)

       To get a better idea as to what this music sounds like, try out the lessons for free in the Learn section!

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